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You got a website and have been thinking about how best to promote, so you start considering ranking your site to take advantage of organic search. It’s a good idea, but where do you start? The truth is that you don’t need to invest time and money with SEO or become fanatical about it because you can get traffic to your site in other ways.

Taking advantage of free traffic is in the long term a great strategy but it really does not work for everyone because the cost of SEO can be expensive especially if you live in a big city like London were the best services seem to be run by multi-national or mega agencies. There are alternatives to using mega services like these; one such way is finding local search engine consultants that have little or no overheads so the cost of optimizing your website will be a lot cheaper.

There are pros and cons with services like these but in the end, you get pretty much the same result. If you go to a big digital agency then you will probably need to have a budget in excess of £80,00 ( $128,000) but with smaller agency or SEO expert you pay a fraction of that. The bottom line is that optimization of your website or social media properties is no a one-off service. Don’t expect to pay once and forget it regardless of whether you go small or big. There are many SEO consultants in London, but you will get the best pricing with Blewsocial SEO London Agency.

An alternative to organic ranking is to use pay per click. You can get access to services like Bing Ads, but there are many other alternatives like what Google offers for text ads. I also don’t recommend you do this yourself as a business owner because it’s so easy to lose money running your ads. Get an expert, it will not be hard to find one. If using PPC, then you want to find a consultant that will help you optimize your ads and run your campaigns. There are many to choose from in London.

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There are many businesses that don’t do any SEO but use PPC. They are typically large businesses with a national presence. If you are a local business, then you want to focus your efforts on building a relationship with an SEO service provider that is willing to support you. Fees or costs for services like these are not advertised on websites because what you get charged will ultimately depend on your customer value. So you will not get a straight answer when you ask “How much do you charge for SEO service.” The answer is it depends on the competition. One good thing about using PPC ads is that you only have to pay for the clicks you get. If there are no clicks, you don’t pay anything. If you are local and can’t invest in search, then PPC is a good alternative.

Don’t want to choose a service? Then do both. It’s more effective to dominate with search and re-enforce that message with paid ads. If you have to choose then go for local SEO, it’s a no-brainer. Yes, there is a cost for knowledge but the rewards simply don’t compare. If you are not getting any customers through the web, then consider optimizing your website or by using pay per click. It’s a job best left to professionals so you can focus on running your business.